Professional Tax Preparation Services

Navigating the federal and state tax codes can be an absolute nightmare. Take the stress out of tax season this year with the help of the professionals at Carmen Leris Tax & Insurance Services

When you have business tax questions, our office is open year round to assist!!

Personal and Business Tax Services

• 1040 US Individual Income Tax Return

• 1040x Amended Individual Income Tax Return

• 1041 Estate and Trust Returns

• 706 US Estate Tax Returns

• 990 Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax

• 1065 US Return of Partnership Income

• 1120 US Corporation Income Tax Return

• 1120H Home Owners Association Returns

• 1120s US Income Tax Return for an S Corporation

• State Income Tax Returns

• Payroll and Sales Tax Returns, including W2/1099 Filings

Accurate, affordable tax filing

Electronic Filing


Payroll, including quarterly and annual tax filings

W'2 and 1099 processing

Sales tax

New Business Set Up, including LLc’s

Back Tax Resolution and Offer in Compromise


Payroll and Bookkeeping

Business Payroll Services

We handle all of payroll’s messy details, so you can get back to work. We offer full service from start to finish. We keep you compliant with new hire verification requirements. No more 940 or 941’s, we prepare all your quarterly and annual returns, including W'2/1099 filings.


Bookkeeping needs are unique and vary from company to company. We provide flexible options to ensure that your needs are met. Do you like to handle data entry, and just need a little guidance here and there? We can help. Do you prefer to hand off all of the work, and just receive monthly reports and guidance? We can help with that as well, and anything in between.

Accurate, affordable tax filing

Don't take any chances when it comes to your taxes. Inaccurate filing can end up costing you money or worse.

We take the time to fully understand your situation, check for all possible rebates and exemptions you may qualify for, and ensure your filing is accurate and up to date.